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Resonating Through Time

Chapter One: Salt and Pepper
Chapter Two: That's The Thing About Gloves, Sir
Chapter Three: Leading Back to Rome
Chapter Four: It's So Nice To See That Insanity Translates
Chapter Five: Cariad Dwi'n Unig
Chapter Six Part One: I Can Resist Everything But Temptation
Chapter Six Part Two: Are You Sure You Really Want To Do That?
Chapter Seven Part One: Forty Two Ain't Gonna Work This Time
Chapter Seven Part Two: And Bacon And Eggs For When You Wake Up
Chapter Eight: It's A Good Thing You're So Pretty
Chapter Nine: That's A Brilliant Idea, But Let's Go With Mine Now

Deviations from the Norm
Best Romance Fic
Runner up: Best Gwen Characterization
Nominated, Best Work in Progress, Best Tosh Characterization, and Best Jack/Ianto Fic (G - PG-13)
Winner, Children of Time Awards Round One
Torchwood -- WIP
Nominated, Children of Time Awards Round One
Romance -- Torchwood, Doctor Who/Torchwood Crossovers, and Series -- Torchwood
Nominated, Children of Time Awards Round Two
Torchwood -- Alternate Reality/Alternate Universe

Chapter One: De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum Dicendum Est
Chapter Two: It's Like Battle, But Harder
Chapter Three Part One: I'll Know It When I See It
Chapter Three Part Two: Some Cupid Kills With Arrows, Some With Traps
Chapter Three Part Three: Keeping Up With The Joneses
Chapter Three Part Four: Speak Low, If You Speak Love
Chapter Three Part Five: Shall I Never See A Bachelor of Threescore Again?
Chapter Four:Paint By Numbers
Chapter Five: There's No Place That Far
Chapter Six: Its Eyes Are For The Stars
Chapter Seven: Up In The Sky…
Chapter Eight: If I Say It Enough, I'll Eventually Believe It
Chapter Nine: There's No Reasoning With An Unreasonable Person
Chapter Ten: Where Do I Know You From?
Chapter Eleven: Never Doing That Again
Chapter Twelve: Not Exactly Coincidence
Chapter Thirteen: Deja Vu All Over Again
Chapter Fourteen: Stranger Things Have Happened

Sonata for the TARDIS in D
Nominated: Best Death Fic
Runner-Up, Children of Time Awards Round One, Doctor Who -- Time Travel
Nominated, Children of Time Awards Round One
Doctor Who/Torchwood Crossovers and WIP -- Doctor Who

Chapter One: And So It Begins
Chapter Two: Time Travel Messes With Your Tenses
Chapter Three: It's Just Sex, Sex, Sex With You People
Chapter Four: Break Out Your Converse, It's Time To Save The Universe
Chapter Five: Here Be Dragons
Chapter Six: Imitation Is The Finest Form of Flattery
Chapter Seven: Isn't There A Place Between?
Chapter Eight: Holding My Last Breath
Chapter Nine: The Family Business
Chapter Ten: Author's Notes
Chapter Eleven: Back To The Norm


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Sep. 12th, 2010 07:53 pm (UTC)
Still one of the most breathtaking TW FF series I've read. Or is that a series of series?

COE killed me so I've been in mourning and avoiding TW fic for a while ... your stories reminded me what I love most about TW (& DW)- all the amazing characters! I think I can now brave the TW FF world again, firmly believing that your universe is how it REALLY happened! :)
Nov. 22nd, 2010 09:57 pm (UTC)
Just to say I liked this series, especially the Tardis being brought to Gallifrey by Jack and Ianto, and the choice of "ending" their lives. Thank you for writing it!
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