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To Days To Come

Title: To Days To Come
Date Written: 12/31/08
Rating: NC-17/Hard R
Word Count: 1,196
Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Ianto/Jack, mentioned Donna
Spoilers: Doctor Who up through Season 04 and the 08 Christmas Special, Torchwood up through 02
Warnings: AU like whoa, boys kissing.
Author's Notes: Thanks so much to my gorgeous betas totally4ryo and katestamps, who are my sounding boards, my muses, and people who listen to my insane ramblings and go, "Uh, you can't do that, crazy." I love you, girls! *hugs*

Okay. So here's the deal. Yes, I am writing a sequel to Different Sort of Science. However, I've also signed up to do redismycolour, which I'm totally stoked about. The only problem is that I'm going to follow the same idea I used with horizonssing, which means you're going to be getting 31 one shots. Which doesn't leave me a lot of time to work on the sequel.

I wanted to start posting the sequel around this time, New Year's Eve/Day ideally, but it would be unfair to post one chapter and then leave everyone hanging for a month. So the muses wrote this lovely little bridge piece, which was inspired by one of shayasar's manips, who graciously allowed me to use it as a bookend.

Now. I've ranted enough. On with the fic! And look for Different Kind of Magic starting in February!

Original picture Comfort by shayasar

"With all the things a Time Lord has seen... Everything he's lost... He must surely have bad dreams."
-- The Next Doctor, The Next Doctor

Donna had once told Ianto that dreams were sometimes premonitions, the unconscious mind drawing on the subtle bits of information that people missed combined with latent (or, in his case, not so latent) psychic abilities. She usually asked him about his dreams when they went down to breakfast, the morning discussion turning into a dream analysis session.

However, Ianto knew that a dream was sometimes just that -- a dream. And it was not uncommon for Jack or Ianto to wake up crying out from some nightmare or other. Usually when that happened, the other one jerked awake instantly, soothing and comforting the upset person and easing them back into happier dreams.

Ianto's eyes fluttered open when he heard Jack's gasp, rolling over onto his back. "Okay?" he asked sleepily, rubbing his eyes with the back of one hand.

Jack sat up and looked down at Ianto, pale and slightly-panicked. Ianto instantly knew what the problem was and drew Jack back down into his arms. The Time Lord threw one arm over Ianto's waist as he pressed his ear against the younger man's chest, listening to his heartbeat.

The Mage carded his fingers through Jack's still-short hair, giving him a little bit of a smile. It wasn't an unusual position lately; the wounds of both of them dying were still too fresh, too raw for both of them to make it through more than a few nights' sleep.

"I lost you again," Jack said softly, his breath brushing against Ianto's bare chest. "In my dream."

Ianto reached down and brought Jack's other hand up to his chest, pressing it against his heart, letting Jack feel the soft thump. "I'm still here," he reassured him. "See? Heart beating, lungs taking in air."

Jack turned his head to press a kiss against his skin, fingers gently stroking through the dusting of hair that adorned his chest. "But you weren't," he protested.

"What happened to me?" he asked. Whatever the dream had been, it had obviously disturbed his older lover. Jack always slept better when he spoke about his nightmares, Ianto there to disprove every terrifying piece of the dream.

"There was another war," he said. Ianto could feel Jack's mouth moving against his chin. "A Mage War."

Ianto frowned, dipping his head to kiss his forehead. "Most Mages are tutored here," he pointed out, "with an emphasis on using their powers for the benefit of humanity."

"Mmm." Jack was still trapped back in his nightmare. "Torchwood House got trapped between the two sides. I was all alone again..." he said, so softly that Ianto barely heard the end of his sentence.

Ianto pulled Jack up, rolling them over so Jack was on his back. "I told you I wouldn't ever leave you," the younger man reminded, smiling down at him. "I meant it."

"You'll die one day," he pointed out.

Ianto ran his fingers through Jack's hair again. "So pretty, but so daft," he said fondly. "I told you, I won't ever leave you," he repeated slowly. "And I'm not planning on getting myself killed."

Jack blinked up at him. "You really meant it, didn't you?" he finally asked. "About the immortality spell."

"I told you I would," Ianto said. "I try to keep my promises, if I can."

Jack opened his mouth to say something else, but Ianto leaned in to kiss him. He sucked softly on Jack's lower lip, reveling in the quiet noise of pleasure that Jack made.

"Don't start something you can't finish, Jones," Jack teased softly as Ianto pulled back. His eyes were glinting softly, and Ianto could tell that the melancholy clinging to him was starting to dissipate..

"I can handle you," Ianto said with confidence, laughing when Jack slapped the oil into his palm.

Jack moaned and writhed on the bed underneath him, throwing his head back on the pillow when Ianto pressed a slick finger into him. They'd made love earlier, so Jack was still loose and wet. Ianto still took his time preparing Jack, pleasuring him with his fingers and laughing while Jack swore and begged for Ianto to fuck him now, bastard.

He kissed along Jack's neck and jawline when he finally removed his fingers, listening to the other man's desperate whine at the loss of torturing pleasure. He pumped himself a few times, transferring the leftover slick onto his cock.

Jack was begging softly now, steady stream of "Please, please, please", tugging on Ianto's shoulders, pulling him down. Legs moved up and around Ianto's waist, holding him in place as he slowly pushed into Jack's receptive body.

Ianto had to pause and take a breath once he was fully-sheathed, leaning down to kiss Jack's collarbone. The tightness, the heat of Jack's body was still astonishing, but what took Ianto's breath away were the waves of love and longing that were rolling off of his lover. It was only for a moment, but if he didn't stop and get control of himself, it would be over in an instant.

Jack, however, was an impatient man, and just that quick pause was enough to make him keen and arch up, wanting more. Ianto obliged with a grin and a sharp thrust. Jack cried out in pleasure and tightened his legs around Ianto's waist.

They moved together slowly, with an ease borne of much practice. Jack continued to run his hands over Ianto's skin, dragging his short nails down Ianto's back with precise pressure, grabbing onto his shoulders, cupping his face in sword-calloused hands. Ianto leaned in to kiss Jack and one hand slipped down his neck to press flat against his chest, palm over the thudding heartbeat. Reassuring himself that this wasn't a dream, that Ianto was truly alive, truly his.

Ianto shifted his weight onto one arm, covering Jack's hand with one of his own. Long fingers parted slightly, giving Ianto space to tangle his own digits in with Jack's.

"Never," Ianto promised, almost mouthing the word as he gasped for air. The promise was punctuated with a snap of his hips. Jack's mouth fell open, but those fierce blue eyes never left Ianto's face. "Never."

The hand cupping his cheek moved around to the back of his neck, pulling him down for a kiss, sealing the vow. He felt Jack's body shake underneath his, the legs tightening around his waist as he came, sticky white spilling between their still moving bodies. He found his own release with Jack's name on his lips and stars dancing behind his eyes.

Jack was stroking his hair when he managed to pry his lids open. The Time Lord dropped a gentle kiss to Ianto's forehead, tilting his head to smile down at his lover.

Their hands were still joined, pressed up to Ianto's chest.

"Thank you."

Ianto smiled softly and nuzzled Jack's neck. "We should clean up," he replied instead. The unspoken response, however, was clear; Jack never had to thank Ianto for loving him.

"In a moment," the older man replied, pulling Ianto tight against him. If the arms around Ianto's waist were any indication, Jack was inclined to never let Ianto go ever again.

Ianto was okay with that.
Tags: different kind of magic, different sort of science, doctor who, to days to come, torchwood

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