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Mageverse Master List

Nominated WINNER, Torchwood -- WIP: Jack/Ianto, Children of Time Awards Round 3

Different Sort of Science
Winner, Best Doctor Who/Torchwood Crossover, Children of Time Awards Round 1
Nominated, forbiddenawards, Round 10

Chapter One: The Tailor's Son
Chapter Two: The House of Torchwood
Chapter Three: John Smith
Chapter Four: The Twin Races
Chapter Five: Ianto's Library
Chapter Six: Saying Good-Bye
Chapter Seven: In A Consumption
Chapter Eight: Primary Focus
Chapter Nine: In Vino Veritas
Chapter Ten: Falling Into Place
Chapter Eleven: Down Day
Chapter Twelve: That's What You Get
Chapter Thirteen: With Love, Alone
Chapter Fourteen: Sanctuary
Chapter Fifteen: Heal Thyself
Chapter Sixteen: Pleaser
Chapter Seventeen: Kick In The Head
Chapter Eighteen: Capital Capitol
Chapter Nineteen: Spilling Secrets
Chapter Twenty: Fight or Flight
Chapter Twenty-One: Political Backlash
Chapter Twenty-Two: Marking Time
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Calm Before The Storm
Chapter Twenty-Four: Going To War
Chapter Twenty-Five: Just A Dream
Chapter Twenty-Six: Null And Void
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Sacrifice
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Patience Is A Virtue
Chapter Twenty-Nine: More Days Like This
Chapter Thirty: Epilogue
Author's Notes
Different Sort of Science Podfic
Mageverse pictures for the one-year anniversary!

To Days To Come
Nominated, Torchwood -- Jack/Ianto, Children of Time Round Two

To Days To Come

Different Kind of Magic

Chapter One: All Roads Lead To Capitol
Chapter Two: The Last Of The Royals
Chapter Three: A Funny Thing Happened
Chapter Four: Linking
Chapter Five: Seconded
Chapter Six: All Together
Chapter Seven: Anniversary
Chapter Eight: Memories of Days Gone By
Chapter Nine: Changing of the Guard
Chapter Ten: Ties That Bind
Chapter Eleven: We All Fall Down
Chapter Twelve: Picking Up The Pieces
Chapter Thirteen: Splitting Hairs
Chapter Fourteen: Mandate from the Masses
Chapter Fifteen: Ghosts from the Past
Chapter Sixteen: For Queen and Country
Chapter Seventeen: Colonel Mustard In The Library With A Candlestick
Mageverse Interlude: Four Times Donna Predictably Fell In Love (And The One Time It Snuck Up On Her)
Chapter Eighteen: Home Sweet Home
Chapter Nineteen: Plus One
Chapter Twenty: Trouble Brewing
Mageverse Interlude: Double or Nothing
Mageverse Interlude: Rasayana
Tags: awards, different kind of magic, different sort of science, doctor who, master list, podfic, sarah jane adventures, to days to come, torchwood

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