Verba volant, scripta manent (gracie_musica) wrote,
Verba volant, scripta manent

Two Things With Two Weeks To Go!

ZOMG YOU GUYS WTF. I'll be leaving for the UK in two weeks and I am NOT PREPARED. So this is just a quick post between making lists.

One: the Ten Dime Novel line is being relaunched under the brand of Pocket Novels -- and they picked the sexiest, bestest, most amazing writer to interview for their first author interview: ME! Keep up with the blog, our FB page, AND on Twitter at @pocketnovels

Two: Posting on DW/LJ while I'm overseas will be few and far between, because I a) don't have a 4G phone or an iPhone (so global roaming is OUTRAGEOUS) and b) I'm not bringing my laptop with me. I do have a Kindle with global wireless, and I can get to my travel blog. I've got a few trips written up already, so check it out.

... okay, two a: I'll be posting fic in a bit. Happy Second Fiddle-related fic.
Tags: pocket novels, published!, travel blog

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